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[Plus Station] Colorful America - 2012 Eleven West West Self

American Travel Guide Network | | Date: 2019-09-05 13:16

From October 2nd to October 13th, 2012, my wife and I completed the 12-day self-driving tour of the US West. This is the first time we have been driving abroad, and we have a lot of feelings. Therefore, for the first time in history, we wrote a simple one. Travel notes and record our unforgettable 12 days. In addition, this Meixi self-driving tour is especially grateful to the zoyo classmates, who provided more help than N, which made me take a lot of detours, thank you again!

First, the visa
Preparation of visas from the beginning of June, mainly DS-160 application form, employment certificate, copy of company business license
Proof of financial and financial resources, signed in mid-June, about the end of June, about 10 working days can be about, not very long. The experience of the interview proves that the final interviewer only saw the DS-160 application form. Others did not see it and passed it. Of course, other must be prepared, otherwise it would be troublesome if you want to see it, but I heard that if You don't have the materials you want for the interviewer. You can go back and prepare, and then come back. You don't have to pay more than 1,000 visa fees. Therefore, the courageous students can only try the DS-160 and try to interview, huh, huh. Since Obama took office, Gary Locke became an ambassador and completely relaxed the visa for the Chinese. Basically, he only has to work formally. Others don’t have to worry about anything. What is unmarried, not English, and there are relatives in the United States, so there is basically no problem. A lot of people let me wait for three hours to sign up, and I am exhausted.
Second, the ticket
I bought a ticket for Delta (Delta) this time. After comparison, I also consulted with friends who are traveling. It should be cheaper. At the same time, I compared various round-trip times and round-trip methods. I finally confirmed that I will go on October 2, return on the 12th, fly to Las Vegas, and return to Beijing from San Francisco is the cheapest. It is a transit point in Seattle. It should be noted that National Day is not the most prosperous season in the United States. The most prosperous season in the United States should be summer vacation. Therefore, if the ticket is booked early, it is not very expensive. My ticket is set three months in advance. Our colleagues are at me. After that, the ticket for the US East was set at 9000.
In addition, foreign airlines are often online check-in, you can also play boarding pass on your own, it is more trouble-saving, only need to check baggage after the arrival, after the follow-up, mainly because the labor costs abroad are too high, and China It’s totally different, huh, huh.
When I went, I went to Seattle first, then I needed to enter the customs, and then took a domestic flight to Las Vegas. Therefore, after I arrived in Seattle, I need to pick up the baggage and then check it in. In fact, there is only a little between the re-extraction and the re-consignment. Less than 100 meters away, but this process still has to go, in fact, no one has checked during this period. When I came back, I went to Seattle first, then to Beijing. Therefore, if I didn't involve entering the customs, I wouldn't have to re-check my baggage. The luggage would go directly from San Francisco to Beijing.
Third, the hotel
This time I have to stay in the United States for 10 days, three of which stay for two nights, a total of 7 hotels, all in booking
The price is not bad, the average price is about 500 RMB per night, including tax, and they are all canceled free of charge 48 hours before check-in. This is very important. I just decided to book the hotel after I started the general trip. Because the American hotel is very tight, it is more passive when it is late, but it changes when I carefully plan the itinerary. Therefore, I have retired two. Home hotel, changed to other hotels, a penny does not spend. At the same time, the price on booking has been changing all the time, but it has not been rising all the time, but the fluctuations have changed. I just have two hotels that are the first time I set the price, and when I look at it later, I will cut the price. Free cancellation, and then reset, it is fixed at a low price. Therefore, when booking a hotel, it is best to book a room type that can be cancelled free of charge, so that subsequent changes are more free.
There are no utensils and slippers for brushing teeth in hotels in the United States, but shampoos, soaps, and towels are basically available. Therefore, at least in the United States, you should also bring your own brushing utensils and slippers. The power of the hotel is two plugs like the Apple charger, with a few Apple plugs to go ok.
According to zoyo's reminder, if you stay at a hotel for more than two nights, you need to pay $1-2 for the pillow, and if it is a banknote, I will do it according to the standard of $2.
Most hotels in the United States can check-in from 2pm to 3pm, and then check-out around 11:00 the next day. Therefore, it is necessary to make arrangements.
Fourth, rent a car
This is zoyo's suggestion, renting a ford suv from a domestic agency, autoeurope, and using the relationship of zoyo classmates, hit a 10% discount, and counted only 200 yuan per day. Other car rental companies are much cheaper. Moreover, his price includes accident liability insurance (LDW), and there is no compensation for the damage caused to the car during the car rental period. Therefore, when the car is returned, there is no problem in checking the car. This is very important and must be on. However, he does not have oil money in this price, and he must be refueling at the car rental company. Originally, a box of oil is about 50 dollars in Las Vegas, but it is 100 dollars in the car rental company. Oh, no way, the total price has already been It's cheap, it's only like this. At the same time, when I rented a car, I was fooled with an insurance, a total of 50 dollars, that is, if the car suddenly burst tires or squat on the road, you can free rescue, and give you a new car, because we both I didn't know how to repair the car. I finally thought about it. 50 is 50. I still added this insurance, but it didn't work. Of course, I don't want to use it.
After arriving at the airport, there will be a shuutle bus to pick you up to the rental car company, and then apply for a car rental. After you have done it, someone in the garage will tell you which car you can drive away. Generally, you can have some choices. When we first arrived, we had a Dodge suv in the car of the same model. I didn't like it. When I was depressed, suddenly I saw a staff member driving a ford escape back. I asked, Can you rent this, say no problem, I will quickly drive this away, huh, huh.
Regarding the driver's license, many states in the United States recognize Chinese driver's licenses, so they don't have to spend money to do notarization, but they need to bring their own translations. Although Chinese drivers also have English, Americans are still used to see English. Below is a Template, you can change it:
Driving License of the People’s Republic of China
Name: *** Sex:female Nationality:The People’s Republic of China
Address: Floor 19, No.2 Jihua 5 Road ,** District, **City, Guangdong Province
Birthday: 19**-06-12
Issue Date: ****-02-05
Class: C1
Valid From: 2011-02-05 Valid For : 10 years
Issuing Authority: Traffic Policeman Detachment of ** Public Security Bureau, Guangdong Province
Vehicle Type Code
A1 Large passenger vehicle and A3, B1, B2 C4 Tricar
A2 Tractor and B1, B2, M D General 3-wheeled motorcycle and E
A3 City bus and C1 E General 2-wheeled motorcycle and F
B1 Middle passenger vehicle and C1, M F Light motorcycle
B2 Large truck and C1, M M Self-propelled wheeled machine
C1 Small car and C2, C3 N Trolley bus
C2 Small automatic car P Railroad car
C3 Low speed lorry and C4
C4 Motor tricycle
E Two wheel motorcycle
F Light motorcycle
Five, driving precautions
1. There is no reversing radar in American cars. When you first go, you may not be able to adapt. And the parking in the United States is basically straight into the head. Unlike China, it is used to pour in, so the radar may not be so critical. At the same time, the car brake I rented is not under the right hand, but on the left foot. I heard that there is such a car in China. I saw it for the first time. It was very strange. I made my left foot still back after parking. I want to step on the hand brake, huh, huh.
2, there are no traffic lights at the intersections in the United States, but there are stop signs, you must stop, and watch the surrounding, if it is a crossroad, if you have a car to the stop mark in the left and right direction, you must let them go first, sequentially
3, the turn must be straight, you must wait until all the straight cars have finished, then turn, turn left and turn right. I once did not let the car go straight, and all the cars were honking.
4, when it comes to honking, it is best to press less in the United States, they usually only press when there are other cars that do not comply with the rules.
5, must let pedestrians, especially when there is a crosswalk, must be pedestrians to go away
6, the line must be lighted, and it is best to have a certain distance from the rear car and then
7, the United States speed is relatively fast, especially in the high-speed, basically everyone is speeding, basically can reach 130 kilometers, I am afraid of being punished this time, therefore, basically do not dare to speed, or just a little, you You will find that everyone is super, but I think it is still important to safety.
8, Americans generally have a higher quality of driving, but there are also some people who drive less than rules, especially taxis. The only time I walked this time was not to be a taxi. Therefore, because everyone is more disciplined, I have never seen a traffic accident in the United States for 10 days. I saw it on the first day of my return to Beijing.
9, the yellow light can basically be awkward, anyway, the Americans are like this, if there is no signal light control when turning right, but you have to wait until the light goes out before you can turn.
10, it is best to open night trains at high speed, because there are few street lights on the US highway, especially black, can only rely on the lights and a metal reflector between the lanes, the United States relies on these reflective metals to distinguish lanes at night. However, it is still not clear at night in Beijing, and the speed is fast, which is very dangerous.
11, the United States parking is very regular, do not let the parking location almost no parking, mainly the red side of the sidewalk, yellow and green seems to be a specific car can stop, no color can be stopped, but some places are also Time limit, such as 7: -19 points can stop, the rest of the time can not. Some places are free, some places charge, there are instructions next to the road, you need to take a closer look.
12. There are a lot of meters in the United States. I paid for it myself. I thought I would call the police after the timeout. Later, I saw that some cars have timed out and it seems that there is no response. I feel that I may still rely on my own consciousness. Heavy penalty estimate. Most cars will still pay, but I have observed that there are cars that don't pay, and then stop at the toll area, especially in Stanford University, and there are many unconscious people.
13, Gps is very critical, I think if you do not have gps in the United States is almost impossible, we have a free igo8 navigation with iphone this time, it is strange that it will be free, to the United States, when really can be used to discover It turned out to be no voice, depressed. However, the problem is not that big, because there are quite a lot of roads in the United States, and it’s hard to listen to the voices. I have to be helped by others. So my wife will be the voice and I will say how to go, although I have gone a lot. Rumors, but the overall is still possible. Of course, it's better to find a good navigation, which is more convenient. I will definitely find a good navigation when I go out next time.
Six, eat
Because neither my wife nor my wife are very good at eating, unlike many people, they like to eat a lot of delicious food.
Therefore, there is no special plan to eat, and the American dinner is very expensive, we are poor, and most of the time we still eat more burgers, the rest eat 2 steaks, a seafood, a buffet, A Chinese meal, a pizza.
When you check out the meal in the United States, he will give you a bill with the amount of money you have eaten for this meal, and then let yourself fill out the tips, usually between 15% and 20%. Just put it on the table after you finish. Zoyo classmates said that some hotels saw that you are Chinese and added the tip directly. We didn't meet it this time, let me fill it out.
I have searched for two recommended restaurants through tripadvisor. To be honest, it is also normal. I think it is better than Hamburg. It is also very expensive. Everyone has 5 or 600. It may be that the taste of foreigners is not suitable for me. Ok, huh.
Seven, shopping
American clothes are really cheap, especially American brands, so when you go, wear a dress and get one at most.
I am ok, I bought it directly there. We went to wear a dress this time, otherwise it would not be enough to take too many clothes and buy a lot of boxes there, huh, huh.
Be sure to go to outlets, and you must print the coupons on the official website (premiumoutlets) before you go. The discount coupons on the online will be larger, but the brands are less, so you have to print out the membership certificate and go to the outlets on the spot. The coupons he used there are mixed.
In addition, the United States also has ross, marshall's discount stores, the price is much lower than outlets, but all are broken, and all brands put together, must go to Amoy, but it is really cheap, we bought at Ross this time More than 400 dollars worth of things, including more than 20 dollars in penguin (penguin) clothes, very cheap.
Native American cosmetics are also very cheap, and it is best to stay in the duty-free shops on the last day.
Eight, other matters needing attention
1. Languages ​​Americans speak faster, and the pronunciation is not the same as the English pronunciation. You say that some English pronunciations do not understand them, so my English is not very good. There are these problems in it, communication is very troublesome. But adapting to adapt can be better. Therefore, the online said very right, the English level of junior high school, and then even said that the plan is completely enough, but the details of the place must be communicated or obstacles, but does not hinder travel.
2In the United States, almost all things have to be taxed (except for fueled parking), and the taxes in each city are different. Therefore, it is necessary to calculate the amount of money into RMB and then look at the inappropriate students. Plus the local tax rate.
3. In the Americans, I think that the lower quality is black, and then the Asians are slightly lower. Others are still of higher quality and do not discriminate against the Chinese. They are generally more modest, will not rush to buy things or something, and if you accidentally touched you, even if you accidentally touched him, he would say sorry.
4, go to the United States must prepare a certain amount of change, as a small fee, for example, I am doing a shuttle bus to the car rental company in Las Vegas this time because there is no change, no tip for the driver, can only pretend not to know ,Hey.
5, the United States refueling is self-service, the United States locals can directly swipe the card, outsiders have to go to the staff to apply for refueling, tell him how much you want to add oil, which is the fuel pipeline, give him money, Then the staff will enter the oil, you can add it, and also operate it yourself.
6. The various measurement units in the United States are different from those in China. Generally, the following are mainly:
1 gallon = 3.78 liters
1 ounce = 0.028 kg
1 mile = 1.6 km
1 foot = 0.3 m
1 lb = 0.45 kg
Ten, the overall route
Our overall route is to fly to Las Vegas, then to the Grand Canyon, then back to Las Vegas from the Grand Canyon, then to Anaheim, then Los Angeles, take Highway 1, and return to San Francisco. The total journey is about 2,500 kilometers. Finally, when I was in Seattle, I reserved 10 hours for it, and I went to Seattle to play a light circle.