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How to play Saipan, this one is enough!

American Travel Guide Network | | Date: 2019-09-05 11:15

Saipan is a world-famous diving spot with a mysterious underwater blue hole (undersea cave), and the visibility of the “glass sea” on the warship island is more than ten meters. The original features are well preserved, and the numerous beaches and cliffs on the east coast form a number of natural observation decks overlooking the island and the sea. In the last century, Saipan was deeply mired in the fog of war. The island’s last command of the Japanese army and suicide cliffs were the remains of the “American-Japanese War”. Visitors to Tinian Island in the south of Saipan are rare, and the pure islands are more suitable for those who want to relax and enjoy a quiet holiday.

Prepare your passport, print the ticket in advance, the hotel itinerary, and if necessary, you can download and print three completed forms.
1. Customs declaration form (a family list)
2. Entry and exit records (one table per person)
3, Guam - Northern Mariana Islands Federal (CNMI) visa exemption information (one table per person) will be filled in the flight attendance on the plane

4, the best travel time: Saipan is suitable for travel all year round, which is best from May to July.
Saipan is dominated by hot climate all year round, with a small temperature difference and an average temperature of 29 degrees. It is divided into dry and rain seasons throughout the year.
During the dry season (December-June), there is almost no rainfall, with the weather being the most arid and hot in January, February and February. In May, the bright red phoenix flowers on the island began to open, and Saipan also ushered in the best travel season of the year.
During the rainy season (July-November), there were many showers, and heavy rains passed by, with little impact on travel.

General trip to Saipan 65% of people choose to live in Garapan, with convenient transportation in the city center, recommend Garaban Located in the city center of Yuetai Hotel and Hyatt Regency. Nearly 15% of the tourists around the airport choose to live here. There are 8 hotels. The hotels are mostly concentrated by the sea. Most hotels cost between 340 and 740 yuan. The overall accommodation environment is good, basically all sea view rooms, you can see the invincible sea view.
Recommended Hotel Yuetai Hotel in the city center
Yuetai Hotel and Hyatt Hotel share the best private beach, Mike Beach. Yuetai is cheaper than Hyatt. Although the facilities are slightly less than Hyatt, the price is really high, and it is close to the only DFS on the island. The traffic is also very good. Convenience.

First, rent a car: to Saipan free car rental is essential, all kinds of open-top wild horses, light pink, Sao powder, wine red, cool black, like what color to choose freely
In Saipan, enjoy the driving experience that you can't understand in China (remember to bring your driver's license, you must be 21 years old or older. The US law stipulates that the Saipan cab is the same direction as ours. Don't worry, rent a car. Most of them are Chinese, they speak Chinese, and communication is barrier-free.)
1. The speed of driving in Saipan cannot exceed 35-40, there is no electronic eye, they are all on-site police, don’t get caught in speed, the punishment will be heavy
2. Be sure to pay attention to courtesy. If you see pedestrians crossing the road, brake and turn on the double flashing lights to indicate that pedestrians can pass.
3. The lane in the middle of the road is the lane to be turned, not the overtaking lane, nor the driving lane. There is a slow pace and no overtaking habits.
4. When you are around the island, pay attention to the street lights and signs. If you see NO, don’t drive in. It’s a private territory.
5. The north mountain road is slow to turn, and the coral powder on the road is easy to slip, so don’t learn the autumn mountain car god to cross the road with the sewer.
6. See the School bus must be slow to see, see the car hit ‘STOP’, you must stop, wait for the School bus to drive away before you can start
Second, open the plane: set it in advance in the ground
Third, skydiving: 2400 meters, 3000 meters, 3600 meters, 4200 meters, jump!
(Note: It is best not to eat or eat less breakfast before skydiving. If you arrange skydiving in the morning, remember not to arrange a week of Laolang Bay to experience diving, the body will be uncomfortable, especially girls! 4200 meters 409 knives, video shooting + U Disk 119 knife)