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Saipan's love - good mountain - good water - good fascinatio

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We arrived at the meeting place on the group list on time. I saw a lot of people, but I didn't see the leader. Call the team leader and reply that it has not arrived yet. At that time, I was depressed and I also misunderstood the leader of the other group. The team leader came, as if the hawker was setting up a stall, using the baggage car at the airport to make a stall, and using a small broadcast to greet us in the past. We are the number one, and we have led the materials to set up the check-in and boarding pass. Then go back to the meeting place and listen to him. It is to tell you how to fill out the form and exit and enter. Not complicated, the forms are filled out. After the meeting, my husband and I quickly passed quarantine, customs, security inspection and direct access to the waiting area. Then just wait. By the way, people look because there are various color chapters in the materials, which are said to represent different itineraries. We get orange. There are also green, gold and silver. Through the above various injuries, we are more convinced that our decision to go to Saipan to find the place to pick up the group is correct. This proves this. The Korean transfer airport is very large, and there are also Korean traditional cultural experience centers in various places. You can wear it. It’s very interesting to take a picture of a hanbok, make a hair clip, or paint something, as long as you show your ticket and you can experience it for free. When you are tired, you can also watch the live performances, listen to Western musical instruments and Western vocals and various versions of "Arirang". When you wait in Incheon, you don't have to eat Korean-style packages. There are many other things. Featured food selection. If you are tired and need a break, there is a lounge on the second floor that can also take a shower. Recently, there are discounts for massages at the airport, and passengers with international transfer tickets have a 30% discount on massage. Everyone can spend a happy time in Incheon according to their own preferences! About duty-free goods If you have too much time to turn around and have no time to go shopping, you can buy some duty-free goods on the plane. After my observation, I found that there is a Kiehl's lipstick set for $4 on the plane, and a mystery BB cream set is also a $24 plus a small gift. These two sets are relatively cheap, you can refer to it. a bit.

The entry form is filled out in the reference form (English version). If you can't see it, look for the small K to be detailed.
Next, step by step, ferry, boarding, waiting to take off. Of course, we are still waiting for dinner. Hey, I ate a plane meal for a day, chicken and beef noodles, as if all flights were these two. Fly.
Prepare for Saipan before departure LET'GO:
NO1: First of all, it is good to contact Saipan to pick up a lot of online search. We are looking for Saipan K, 1244775614 and later added a group to watch some of the precautions in the group of children's shoes, if it is free to buy their own tickets, Please be sure to print the round-trip ticket to avoid the trouble of Saipan (usually sent to your mailbox), if it is with the group, you will not need to deal with the problem that we are not worried about, please remember before departure Prepare some essential items: personal items: (toothbrush, toothpaste, slippers, comb, these hotels will also give them some time they are lazy to get up in the morning, don't be depressed for these things) shorts, (sunscreen, sun After repairing, heavy and heavy necessities, do not want to change the situation of roast suckling pigs) Swimwear drugs: some preventive drugs, cold and cold common medicine

Second, history
More than 1,500 years ago, the original inhabitants of the Northern Mariana Islands were mainly Chamorro people. They were discovered by the Portuguese navigator Magellan in 1521. They were known to the world. They were colonies of many European countries. After the Second World War, It became the United Nations Trust Territory and was under the jurisdiction of the United States; in 1975, 11 islands including Saipan, Tinian and Rota Island held a referendum and decided to become a self-governing territory of the United States; until 1978, the Northern Mariana Islands Federation was established. The autonomous government, the capital is located in Saipan. During the Second World War, Tianning Island was the focus of the US military; when the United States and Japan fought, the world’s first atomic bomb and the second atomic bomb were taken from the island of Tinian by US military aircraft and sent to Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan. , thus accelerating the end of the Second World War.
Third, political status
At present, the Northern Mariana Islands are American territories. The local aborigines hold US passports and are protected by perfect American laws. Although they are subject to jurisdiction, they enjoy a high degree of autonomy. The local governors and members of the upper and lower houses are also elected by the people.
Fourth, the population
The resident population of the Northern Mariana Islands is about 70,000 people.
V. Tourism
The income of the Northern Mariana Islands is dominated by tourism. Tourists mainly come from major countries and regions such as Japan, South Korea, China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.
Sixth, language
The official language of the local language is English and the native language is Chamorro.
Seven, currency
The currency in circulation is US dollars, travellers’ cheques and credit cards are also widely used. Saipan’s domestic UnionPay card is in circulation.
Eight, religion
Most of the residents believe in Roman Catholicism, and other religious beliefs are minority.
9. Climate
It is in a subtropical marine climate throughout the year, with temperatures between 28 and 30 degrees Celsius, making it ideal for travel.
X. Visa
The government stipulates that some countries and regions need visas to enter the country, but the procedures are convenient. Chinese people's tourist visas congratulations to you are free of charge.
XI, time difference
The local time is two hours faster than Beijing, Hong Kong and Taiwan.
Twelve, voltage
Voltage 110 volts / 60 Hz, the hotel outlet is not the same as the domestic, please bring your own plug or directly find Andy guide to ask for
Thirteen, communication
Program-controlled phones and wireless phones are quite popular in the local area and can be dialed directly to the rest of the world. At the same time, the hotel also provides E-Mail online service.

(Guide a small K machine picture and can be used as a phone call)
Fourteen, tip
On the premise of being satisfied after receiving the service, please give a tip of $1 to the discretion.
Fifteen, rent a car
It is more convenient to rent a car on the island, and there is a car rental service center at the airport and hotel. The local government allows people with foreign driver's licenses to drive cars in the Northern Mariana Islands. I hope to hear the advice of the small K tour guide. He will introduce which one is safer and more convenient.
Sixteen, the country's prevention and control
National defense is the responsibility of the United States. The political situation on the island is stable, the people are simple, and the law and order is good.
Seventeen, golf course
There are five high-quality seascape courses in Saipan, which is a popular place for golfers.
18. Baggage weight
Outbound tourists can each carry 20 kg of luggage and 5 kg of hand luggage. If it is exceeded, it will be charged at RMB 30 per kilogram.
Nineteen, Saipan entry requirements
1) Before arriving at the Saipan Immigration Bureau, use your passport to go through the immigration formalities from the designated gate of the team leader. If you have any questions, don't panic about Chinese services. Saipan officials work inefficiently, so when they enter the country, they will cause some waste of time. Please be patient and don't argue with the officials;
2) You must hold a passport, an immigration card, a customs declaration form, and a currency declaration form. (If you are required to bring US dollars over US$5,000 to Saipan, you must fill out this form. You must declare the entry and exit, otherwise the excess US dollar will be confiscated.) (The customs declaration form is filled in by the team leader. For the sake of convenience, if you have any questions, you should know the leader)
3) Saipan prohibits all meat, animals, plants, seeds and food from entering the country, and medicines can only carry the right amount for their own use. If you are carrying a drug, it is best to have an English description;
4) When entering the country, take your own baggage and don't help others with the baggage, so as not to be used by the bad guys;
5) When you leave the country, pay attention to get your passport back and check if the US dollar is over 5,000 US dollars, whether the ticket is good or not, and whether the bag is packed. (The suitcase must be checked. After passing the customs, be sure to check whether the passport has been stamped, otherwise there will be trouble when returning.)